•  Business over Breakfast Global groups exists to  provide for you a dynamic environment in which its members can learn about each others business and how to identify potential business for each other.  

  • Business over Breakfast Global members believe that when you know, like, and trust someone, you are more likely to recommend that person’s business to others. 


  • Main focus is on building a  quality business network with a major emphasis on forming genuine relationships in a pressure free, friendly business networking environment for you.

  • This professional business community is made up of inspiring individuals keen to connect and they continue to be your major motivator as you build, innovate and grow.Business over Breakfast Global  is a great place to grow your business  and learn how our community of business members can help you market, promote and stimulate your business.



  • Business over Breakfast  was set up to bring a fresh approach to business networking. Before we started, you had two networking options: The “What-Was-The-Point-Of-That?” Network or The “Oh-My-God-I-Need-A-Referral!” Network. It is  a new business networking to give you a much better option for networking. It has since expanded to what it is today. 

  • Offering you structured but relaxed business networking and groups, so even if you’re new to networking, you will see a return if you follow our guidance and system. Our  members make sure there is an informal atmosphere but still use a professional approach to ensure you succeed in finding new clients. Networking with Business over Breakfast Global Groups makes it a pleasure, not a chore.

to bob or not to bob

What is Business Over Breakfast Global?

An environment where you can build quality relationships within your group, backed up by an ongoing member support program.Business community to help you get new business from quality business introductions and referrals made through our meetings.Your business will become part of a friendly and welcoming culture that helps you get to know, like and trust other members who will, over time, become advocates for your business.As relationships grow, you will develop a mutual understanding with each member of your group who are then out in the business community actively promoting your business, product or service.

Business over Breakfast Global(BoB Global) brings together local and international business owners offering a wide variety of business services.

BoB Global hand selects our members with only one representative per business category, per group. We help local businesses to grow by promoting the group and its members products, goods and services.​All members have an equal opportunity to develop their marketing skills and educate one another about their businesses and services every week over a working breakfast.Business community who has established a reputation as a resource for quality. Our members are well respected in the business community and have excellent references .



Innovation can come from unexpected places and from unexpected sectors, industries or individuals. However, we welcome our member’s suggestions use feedback to constantly develop how we can all best benefit from referral marketing. Listening to your feedback for the improvement of your experience with Business over Breakfast is important to us.


Developing quality referrals can take time. Therefore, some meetings you might bring more contributions, some meetings less, our groups understand this provided it is done with genuine intent. Acting responsibly, reliably when passing contribution is what counts.


A supportive network that is designed to help make you the best referral marketer possible. This is underpinned by our very own Business over Breakfast Global Referral Academy.

Our Members Make The Network-Members About BoB Global


Business over Breakfast Global-NATALJA ZUKOVA 

We are in the group for half a year and we love the atmosphere and people coming to BOB group meetings. The most important that there is no pressure for sharing leads, or something similar. And that's the man reason for all members to become good friends, help each other and promote each other without any obligation, just because they love the person.

We are the team of enthusiasts ready to raise your business to the next level with custom on-line solutions. Our main focus is custom web platforms & e-commerce shops, but we can also offer simple web solution to meet your needs. Individual approach is guaranteed.



Business over Breakfast Global - BAIBA RUKE& LIGITA BREGE

We joined Business over Breakfast Global because the community is international consisting of locals and expats. Since our target is to offer interior design services outside Latvia as well, it gives us the possibility to expand our business network abroad. Within the group, the atmosphere is very friendly and supportive, so this is a place where you can find like-minded people who will lift up your spirits and help develop your business.

The designer duo, Ligita Brege and Baiba Ruke, both have significant backgrounds in the professional field locally and internationally. Their interest in design and art has developed throughout the educational process, independent projects and work experience in various design studios.Now the two professionals have joined forces and are offering target-oriented interior design services. From research and design concept to project development and execution, their focus is responsible design solutions merged with aesthetics of the space.Br.ook interior architecture has a range of collaborators that are known for their expertise in building and supply industry and can provide high quality project performance.

br.ook interior architecture



Business over Breakfast Global -MARTIN DUNCANSONS

Proud to be a part of the Business over Breakfast Global Family!  I head up the BoB Global Riga  group, with an awesome team of people committed to building outstanding networks, developing long-standing relationships with professional referrals and a lot of fun along the way!


Business Networking frees up your time, reduces your overheads and opens doors quicker than any other form of marketing. Business over  Breakfast Global is a referral marketing forum specifically designed to help you take your business to the next level.Your fellow members are your devoted marketing team, actively working in the marketplace seeking out new leads and business referrals for you.

As a specialist in marketing strategy,I helping companies to getting more business website traffic, leads & conversions. Expert in Pay-Per-Click marketing & re targeting for Facebook & LinkedIn ads, Google Ad words & Display Network, Bing ad Center, Yahoo Gemini. Get more traffic, leads & conversions - improve your return-on-ad-spend!Marketing is one of those roles that can make a real difference to business bottom lines.

MARTIN DUNCANSON-Digital growth strategy