Business over Breakfast Global was set up by group of business owners  in 2018. As a business owners they  knew the importance of networking events for business owners and how good quality networking events could really help a business grow.After running networking events  through a franchise company,we decided that we are ready to set up our own networking organisation and groups.There are lots of other networking events out there, but Business over Breakfast is different - and it needed to be to stand out from the crowd and  great place for you to grow your business!

Business over Breakfast Global is built on all the good bits of networking events and networking groups. What really makes Business over Breakfast Global different from other networking groups  is our members.We run our networking meetings with a formal lay out, but we do it in a friendly, engaging and informal way. This has resulted in a group of business owners and people in business at our events that are friendly, engaging and approachable. Our members want to help each other, they want to celebrate other members’ successes and they are willing and able to refer each other into their own clients, contacts and friends.



BoB Global stands for Business over Breakfast Global. It is  business referral organization.The idea is simple enough; you meet every two weeks with your group members, and any interested visitors, to learn about each other and your respective businesses. The premise is, once you get to know, like and trust the other business owners, the more likely you’ll refer business to each other.

Who’s In The Room? 

The members tend to be  business owners, CEO's, entrepreneurs. independent contractors or sales representatives.

Is BOB Worth It?

Like anything, you get out of it what you put into it, and some people and businesses are better suited for BOB than others. The more accessible and simple your business is, the more likely you are to do well with BOB. Specialty companies may need to work harder to connect to niche networks through BOB, but it is possible to make it work.The more friendly, and outgoing you are the faster people will get to know, like and trust you. But it is not a personality contest, even introverts can do well in BOB. In fact, introverts tend to do well with the one on one meetings that are central to the BOB model.The biggest benefit I’ve received through my participation is learning how difficult I was to refer. 

Key Benefit of BOB is Personal Growth

Having to stand up and introduce yourself  every two weeks in 40 seconds will  encouraged you to refine your introduction over and over and over again. You would have never put that time in, if not for the every two weeks need to do so. There is nothing like the “deer in the headlight stare”, to get you to rework your introduction.

About twice per year you deliver a presentation to the group and visitors. You have 10 minutes to make an impression and help train your group how to recognize an opportunity and how to refer you. It’s quite a challenge to say something meaningful and engaging in six minutes. But it is a great opportunity to refine your message. 

What’s important is the consistent practice. It’s like learning a sport or playing an instrument. When you’re practicing all the time and getting audience feedback, you work hard to get better.

BOB Common Misconceptions 

You don’t join BOB to sell to the other group members. Although once you get to know, like and trust the other people, you do tend to buy from each other. But that is not the point of the group. The point is to tap into each other’s personal and professional networks.BOB is not just another unstructured networking meeting. The meetings follow a structured agenda and the goal is to generate referrals by following the BOB model.

                                                         Would Be  Recommend Attending A Meeting? Yes!

You will find  the BoB culture to be very positive and welcoming. The food at our venue is great, the jokes have been plentiful and there is no pressure for visitors to join. It’s just a nice morning out with some great business people from a wide range of industries. There’s a very good chance you’ll meet someone you would like to do business with.Use the opportunity to experience the process and ask questions, like the ones I’ve suggested. If you like what you see and you feel like you can commit, great. Give it a go for a year. If not, that’s okay too.

The  business owners in the room are high-quality, high-integrity people worth knowing and adding to your list of suppliers. You might make a valuable connection in the process and, if you are like me, it’ll get you out of your comfort zone on a EVERY TWO WEEKS to introduce yourself and your business to a group of business owners each week, which is great practice in-any-case.



We Adding Values To You And To Your Business


Your Business over Breakfast membership experience is KEY. We understand that your time is precious so our referral marketing is designed to deliver a valuable return on your time, energy and efforts. 

Make every second count. 

Your success in business depends on building a strong reputation and a network of advocates. Creating and strengthening co-operative and long-lasting relationships with your group will help you realize your business aspirations.

The bigger and stronger your network of strategic business alliances, the bigger and stronger your business will become.

Be The Leader, Not A Follower!

We want you to be a leader in your industry and it’s our mission to help make that happen. 

We want to unlock your potential. Whether you’re looking for new clients,increased confidence or new skills from the Business over Breakfast Global  training.

Our  advice and strategy from your new network of advocates, Business over Breakfast Global  is the key to opening doors and growing your business. 

We work with active members, those who want to work together to grow a stronger, more profitable business.

It is this collective ethos, with every member making a positive contribution to the group that makes your experience with Business over Breakfast Global so successful.You get the training and support you need to actively contribute to the group which allowing you to pass and receive introductions and referrals.


Our Vision can be your vision

  • Our vision is to become the most established breakfast and lunch time networking  in the Baltic and around the globe.

  • We want to be unique in our concept, that we facilitate the environment that leads to quality connections and referrals, helping businesses and their profits grow by being advocates for each other


  • To create an innovative business networking environment that will help companies reach their potential through building a valuable network of advocates. 

  • To become the world’s most respected business networking facilitator for exceptional service delivered to our members. We do this by delivering innovative and effective opportunities to build relationships and delivering meaningful training to further professional development, all designed to build a stronger advocate base 


Business To Business Networking


Membership secures you an exclusive place in one group. It is paid monthly via direct debit and is set up on a 12-month contract.Our business to business networking system is pretty straight forward, take a look at how our breakfast meeting system works.


Business networking group membership secures you an exclusive place in one particular group. It is paid monthly for a 12 month commitment.


All breakfast groups meet at the same venue and same time every week, meeting at 7:15 am start and finishing at 9:30 am.We meet over Breakfast


Before joining a group we welcome you to two meetings to allow you to make an educated decision about whether or not the group is the right fit for you and your business. We want you to be comfortable whilst experiencing a Business over Breakfast  meeting, so there’s no pressure to join.


One business from one category is allowed in each group e.g. one printer, solicitor, etc. this eliminates competition. Our belief is that you will be meeting the same people each week which builds up the know-like-trust element needed in a good networking group.


To get the most out of your business networking group membership you need to attend at least 75% of all meetings. This means you will develop long lasting relationships with other businesses and more importantly develop trust so that other members often create referrals for you.



Let’s see how we can help grow your business


Come to your 1st Business over Breakfast meeting to see if this is something you’d be interested in committing to. The only fee is the for the breakfast.


A warm welcome, no pressure just a friendly group of business people looking to help each other grow.


Your second visit gives you chance to start building relationships and see what Business over Breakfast Global  is really about. Only fee is for food.


Join other like-minded business people in different groups. Become a part of our thriving business network today!