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JELENA DADUKINA,  Lawyer, Attorney-at-law 

Address: Puces street 45-50a,Riga,Latvia 


Mob.Numb.: 0037126589709 

Jelena working as lawyer more than 20 years with strong skill of juridical consultation, dispute resolution, company organisation, bankruptcy and insolvency. Her expertise are European and International law, law, juridical consultation, company organisation, bankruptcy and insolvency. 


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RUSLAN GULIDA,Broker Owner at RE/MAX Central

Address: Ahtri 6 ,Tallinn Estonia



Think globally, act locally! 

Ruslan works at the world's largest real estate company, which is considered a key to customer satisfaction.He is honest, reliable, good communication skills, diligent and quick response. These piers are built on the company's reputation and success. RE / MAX broker monitors the daily changes in the real estate market and trends.

This ensures the customer the best deal possible. In our work we put emphasis on the speed and quality of service. Each broker has an obligation to meet all the needs of the client, to stand his interests, be helpful for legal and finance related issues. Consider important to the long-term and personal customer relationships. Provide the best solution for the customer is a real pleasure for the benefit of all parties. RE / MAX is an international company that thinks globally, but acts locally. 


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ARTURS SOROCENKOVS, Investment Manager at Capitalia Finance


Addres: Brīvības 40 - 35,Rīga, LV-1050


Phone Number:  +371 2880 0880 


An energetic, creative and skilled ex-banker/branch manager with a catch on financial analysis, business consulting and team leadership 


Financing company Capitalia

Capitalia is the leading financier for small and medium enterprises in the Baltic States. Operating since 2007 we have financed more than 5000 businesses investing over EUR 50 million. 

Our 100% focus is on financing small and medium sized businesses. Since foundation in 2007 we have financed more than 5000 companies, as well as advised over 100 companies in business valuation, finance attraction and sales transactions. Among our clients are smaller companies like TasteCaps and Erenpreiss, as well as large and recognized companies as Stenders and Uprent 


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NATALJA ZUKOVA,Web Platforms Developer  

Company:Platfory LTD


Mob.Numb.: +371 26591983 


We are in the group Business over Breakfast Global-BoB Riga Group for half a year and we love the atmosphere and people coming to BOB group meetings. The most important that there is no pressure for sharing leads, or something similar. And that's the man reason for all members to become good friends, help each other and promote each other without any obligation, just because they love the person.


We are the team of enthusiasts ready to raise your business to the next level with custom on-line solutions. Our main focus is custom web platforms & e-commerce shops, but we can also offer simple web solution to meet your needs. Individual approach is guaranteed.


Member of Business over Breakfast Global-BoB Global Tallinn group 

EPP ADLRER. Self-Mastery Coach, Trainer, Facilitator & Speaker





I believe that every person is valuable and capable. Too many people do not know and do not believe it or they do not have supporters who would really drive them. My goal is to help people get to themselves so that they can and dare to be themselves with others and thus bring the world of value, ability and brilliance that they actually hide. I will strengthen and support individuals and groups to be good together. ”

Company Descriptions

 Modern labor market is becoming more stressful and demanding. People are juggling between the pressure and conflict between ideas of fulfilling personal life, corporate demands and possibilities and widely developed ideas of lifelong learning, self-employment and independence. All this is creating a highly educated and experienced but very stressed-out workforce who find it hard to balance the high demands of "perfect life".

As it is not possible to change modern life, but it is possible to learn to have aware attitude towards it, so as to be able to carry all the pressures, be up-to-date and be able to enjoy life. This means developing Self-Mastery skills - self-awareness, self-acceptance, self-development, self-care and ability of self-healing.

Self-mastery skills help to empower individuals, who will as a result perform better as themselves both in their private life and in their high-pressure careers. The result is happier, more aware leaders and colleagues.

I offer following courses:
"Self-Mastery Practical Basic Course"
"Self-Mastery in Workplace"  


 Member of Business over Breakfast Global-BoB Global Riga  Group  

VALDIS KRONIS Attorney Partner



Tel.: +371 28 727 766


The law firm GLIMSTEDT is a law firm established by experienced lawyers and is specialized in providing of high level legal assistance in commercial law and areas related to the commercial law, including civil law, labor law, finance law, intellectual property law, competition law. The lawyers of the law firm provide legal consultations and prepare legal documents, as well as in a professional manner represent legitimate interests of clients in business negotiations with cooperation partners, in public institutions, courts and arbitration courts.

Our services are actively used both by the Latvian and foreign clients, as GLIMSTEDT provides legal service in Latvian, English, Russian, Swedish and Norwegian. The law firm ensures individual approach to every client, in result our services are used by large companies with foreign capital, as well as middle and small companies and individuals.


AIJA SMILA, Wealth Consultant

Company:Self Employed

Address:Lāčplēša iela59-18, Rīga, LV-1011




Company Description Multitalent

VIVAT is an international company operating in the area of investment products with its registered office in Kempten in the Allgäu region of Southern Germany. Since the foundation of the company in 2012, we have offered our customers innovative investment concepts and taken care of their financial well-being. In accordance with our corporate philosophy, we focus on real assets and provide an optimum increase in value and maximum security for investors with investments in real estate and precious metals.

Company Description Kyani

Kyäni’s mission is to bring hope—the promise of a better life—through wellness and opportunity.

What does that mean? It means that Kyäni enhances lives in many different ways. From our wellness products that combine the best that nature and science have to offer, to a business opportunity that allows anyone to partner with highly successful founders with the tools for success, Kyäni is ready to help anyone realize their wellness and financial goals.


VILJAR LILLMAA,Team Building Coach

Company:Mõtsa Helü OÜ

Address:Käo 1, Tartu, Estonia, zip code 50404




I  living in Estonia and since 2018 partly in Riga.I love  hiking's and also I love massages.I united my passion to a business and started company where I offer team building trough hiking and camping in nature.On the top of that I add massage for relieving body pain

Company description:

Offering massages to get rid of muscle pains. Thus massages are combination of Thai and acupuncture massage. Organizing hiking team building hiking and damping trips in Baltic states and in Scandinavia.



ILVA BERZINA, Human Resources management consultant

Company: SIA “EXPgroup 



Tel.:+ 371 26544271 



Experienced Headhunter with a demonstrated history of working in the human resources industry. Skilledin Negotiation, Business Planning, HR Consulting, Coaching, and Deferred Compensation. Strongprofessional with a master of business administration focused in MBA. 

Company description:


EXPgroup is a fast-growing Human Resources management outsourcing company with individual approach and solutions for every client.  The quality fits local and international companies’ highest demands.

Our team consists of employees who are experienced, proactive, creative professionals. As well as, they have proven themselves as scope’s specialists. Clients have approved our team’s professionalism by choosing long-term cooperation with EXPgroup.

In order to be able to supply competitive and appropriate solutions to Your needs, company’s employees follow market development tendencies by attending seminars, conferences and training which makes us ones of the most competent in our branch.

EXPgroup business card is its values – reaction, action, creativity, result – which provide effective and qualitative performance, possibly for You too.


OSKAR STANKEVICS.Producer of surfaces and other products from artificial stone. 

Company: GRANITOPS / SIA Sillo

Address: Brīvības 224, Rīga, Latvia 


Tel.:+ 371 25544855 


Company description:

Trademark GRANITOPS established 2001. The company produces different types of individual, non-standard artificial stone surfaces for kitchens, bathrooms, medical institutions, schools, hotels, catering establishments, barber shops and other public places. Surfaces are made individually for every order, according to the desires and needs of the customer. The producing of every surface is individual and the surface is hand made. In the place of mechanical equipment the surface is shaped in the hands of professionals. Granitops surfaces are elegant and with special touch: • Different levels • Unlimited color choices • Unlimited shapes • 



Company: Aviopasaule 

Address: Lejasciema 4,LV-1024 


Tel.: +37167292929 


My passion is to work with people and helping them on their traveling destinations.My expertise    are in airlines industry.I have  experience working as Delta Air Lines GSA for Baltic States, Belarus, Ukraine .My company providing tourism services and  providing tailor made product.

 Company description: 


People have a desire to learn more about the places are near to them or outside their place of residence for people who dwell there, representing different cultures and traditions. services are for travelers to provide a good service and an individual approach to helping to fulfill the desire To See The World!




Address : 70-3,Tallinas iela,Lv-1009


Tel.:+  +37123202648 W:


ARVIDS PLOKSTA. Decorative painter

Company: SIA RDD

Address: Riga


Tel.:+ 37129233376


About Arvids 


DAVIDS SILIS,Furniture shop owner

Company:Mebelu Bode

Address:  Uzvaras iela 13,Jelgava, Latvija LV-3007 


Tel.:+ 371 28770077


Story behind Mebelu Bode

A couple of years ago we bought the house "Lediņi" to create a rehabilitation center. It was our intention to give men a place to stay temporarily after being relist from prison, so that they could learn some working skills with a view to subsequently entering the labor market. We have encountered a widespread problem in the country-companies are not happy to give ex prisoners job.In trying to find a solution, I realized that I had to become an entrepreneur myself and give them a job.

The opening of the furniture shops  was a continuation of our efforts to provide men with a permanent job and to support them .Before that, we were dealing with a variety of casual work, such as firewood sawing, lawn mowing, room cleaning, construction, but that didn't solve the problem.

Looking for different options. Several years ago, my friends from Sweden wanted to support project. The idea was to support the center by sending furniture that would be refurbished if needed and then sold. This project, however, failed, but it gave me the opportunity to explore this area, look at the sales direction. Researching the market in Latvia and Sweden, I found that there is overproduction of furniture in Sweden. It should be noted that there are few ancient pieces of furniture in Latvia, because during the war they were destroyed, but in Sweden there was no war for 200 years, and the population is much larger than in Latvia, so there is a wide offer of ancient furniture. 

I currently have 4 employees in the shop and we join our men from Lediai  The men participate in the transportation, loading and restoration of the goods. By the way, talking about men - this work opens up opportunities for therapies, learning and earning at the same time. Then you can immediately see if the men can handle the job or not. It is an opportunity to learn to work, of course, if you want to learn yourself. 


CINDY SHEN,Lumber export from Latvia to China.Helping business owners to export their goods in China.


Address: Riga 




BAIBA RUKE& LIGITA BREGE.  br.ook interior architecture .

Company: SIA Restore and More



Contact:Baiba Ruke
interior architect
00 371 28367670

Contact; Ligita Brege
spatial designer
00 371 26439786

 Company description: 

The designer duo, Ligita Brege and Baiba Ruke, both have significant backgrounds in the professional field locally and internationally. 

Their interest in design and art has developed throughout the educational process, independent projects and work experience in various design studios.Now the two professionals have joined forces and are offering target-oriented interior design services. From research and design concept to project development and execution, their focus is responsible design solutions merged with aesthetics of the space.

Br.ook interior architecture has a range of collaborators that are known for their expertise in building and supply industry and can provide high quality project performance. 


MARTIN DUNCANSON. Digital growth strategy expert


Address: Riga  and U.K.

Tel.:+371 27094244


I help connect the right customers with the right companies over the internet.

Want to increase your traffic, leads & conversion rates? For the past thirteen years, I've been studying, testing and executing the most successful ways to grow a business through online marketing. I have a skill set that will benefit your organization greatly. Contact me!

I am a specialist in marketing strategy and getting more business website traffic, leads & conversions. Expert in Pay-Per-Click marketing & re targeting for Facebook & LinkedIn ads, Google Ad words & Display Network, Bing ad Center, Yahoo Gemini. Get more traffic, leads & conversions - improve your return-on-ad-spend!

Marketing is one of those roles that can make a real difference to business bottom lines - I start my days early because I like my work!

Prior to marketing, I worked for several years in finance, including trading for proprietary futures trading desks & commodity trading firms. One of my roles was as a statistical arbitrage trader in the interest rate futures markets on a prop desk with well known broker fund Marex Spectron (formerly Refco Trading Services). I learned a lot about number crunching, data mining, focused work and getting results quickly under pressure. 


SAMUEL THOMAS Valuthadathil. English teacher for private students and schools 

Address: Riga  




EIZENS LEIMANS .Business coach


Address: Riga  





It is wonderful to realize that I am only 45 years old but with such a rich life experience! I like to compare this experience with a ride on the river, which has had to overcome so many challenges: creepy rapids and dizzying waterfalls, charming bays and tranquil river stretches with a gentle but powerful stream ...

This is an experience that gives me confidence. Convincing your own strength to make a dream come true and help other people - set and achieve your true life goals, overcome fear and fulfill your dreams!

I would be happy and grateful for the opportunity to share the values ​​I have received from my mentors and the opportunity to help you enjoy the life you really want!

To make the choice to grow, you have to make a decision to do so. Then the next question arises - How? How to grow? I'll briefly tell you "How to find your" How to "" story:

For many years, I have been interested in the theme of self-growth and I have always been looking for answers to the question "How to grow?", Thus learning a lot about this topic. However, this information has always been fragmented as if many small parts of one picture were put together in different boxes.

When I learned more about Bob Proctor, Sandy Gallagher, the Proctor Gallagher Institute and the Thinking Into Results developed by them, I realized that this is the exact answer to my question! It is like one picture in one frame - so complete and strong is this knowledge system based on more than 50 years of research on self-growth and human potential. So I decided to go into it and my results changed for a few weeks after the program started! Now I feel especially grateful to see how these systematized knowledge improves the results of my clients!


IRINA FORTEZ. Composer,piano teacher and singer

Company: Music studio Fortez

Address: Riga, Sandvigå 7 Stavanger, Norway-4007 


Tel.:+ 37125656682


Irina Fortez - composer, singer - lived and worked in Norway for many years, and recently she return to Latvia.

Founder of her own music school in "Fortez Musikkskole" 

In Latvia she graduated from the Ventspils School of Music in piano, a graduate of the pop-jazz department of the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts, a student of the composer Viktor Lebedev, the author of the program on Latvian Radio-4 "For the Seven Seas"





Address: Stockholm,Kiev





Anders Östlund lives in Kyiv, Ukraine, has been part of seven start-ups in Sweden and Ukraine and is today operating two companies on the Ukrainian market. A native Swede, Anders spent the first 14 years of his adult life in Stockholm where he graduated from the Stockholm School of Economics while .. 

Fryday International

International Networking for Professionals

The largest networking clubs for professionals organizing series of social and business networking events across Eastern Europe and Central Asia. Fryday community is composed of cosmopolitan professional crowd, business owners, government officials and media representatives. Using both, offline and online platforms, the Fryday network works to bring people together so that they can make new contacts as well as sustain those already existing.

Ukraine Invest

Ukraine Invest is an investment company that work with business development, sales & marketing and investments.   At the core of the company's mission is to bride Swedish businesses with Ukrainian companies that require growth capital or strategic partners to grow internationally.   Ukraine Invest also provide out-staffing and establishment services for Swedish companies interested in the Ukrainian market.   The founding partners of Ukraine Invest all have many years of experience in the fields of business that Ukraine Invest are active in