FAQ's about becoming a member

Q - How often do BoB Global groups meet?

A - All BoB clubs meet once every TWO weeks

Q- How much does it cost to become a member?

A - The cost to become a member is the same in each country that we operate in. The current costs to become member :

One-off Registration Fee: €60

Annual Membership Fee:€ 400

Total first year  annual membership: €460

Q - Can I spread the cost of membership?

A - If you are a new/startup business, it is possible to spread the cost of the annual membership after you have paid the one-off registration fee. Then pay your annual membership by 2 post dated cheques - dated +1 month and +2 months. Doing this will not cost you any more than paying in one go. However, this will be at the discretion of the Regional Director

Q - If I can't make a meeting do I have to provide a substitute?No, you don't have to provide a subsitute, but it may be worthwhile getting someone to stand in for you to promote your business if possible

Q - I represent a Charity, if I joined a BoB Group would I get a discount?

A - We would expect you to pay the normal amount but then we would make a generous donation to your charity

FAQ - When you are a member

Q - Do I have to attend every meeting?

A - No, but it is REALLY important to attend as many BoB groups meetings as possible, so as not to miss the opportunity to promote your business, ask for specific referrals and to meet with visitors and members

Q - How do I let you know if I can't make a meeting?

A - 7-10 days before each meeting you will receive and automated email to remind you of the next meeting. All we expect you to do is respond to the email confirming that you will be attending OR to tell us why you can't make that meeting - ie: On holiday, illness etc so that we can confirm final numbers with the venue.

Q - Do I have to give referrals?

A - NO, we only want members to pass quality referrals so if you don't have any at any meetings that is OK.

 We prefer QUALITY rather than QUANTITY ! But please remember the more referrals you GIVE the more you will  RECEIVE

Q - What else should I do to make sure that BoB groups work for me?

A - One REALLY important thing to do is arrange regular one2one meeting with each member of your BoB club. This will help you both understand what you both do and the sort of people who you are looking for introduction to.

Note: You can easily book one2one meetings with other members through our online system,