Partnership With Business Over Breakfast Global


What We Do

Business over Breakfast Global hand selects our members with only one representative per business category, per group. We help local businesses to grow by promoting the group and its members products, goods and services.​All members have an equal opportunity to develop their marketing skills and educate one another about their businesses and services every two weeks over Breakfast.


Every two weeks meetings

Our groups meetevery two weeks  to allow for a timely exchange of referrals. We believe consistency and participation are the keys to success.


We offer a generous attendance policy that allows for a substitute to attend in your place and up to 8 absences in a calendar year. Out of site is out of mind. Our members all benefit by having a full house to market to every two weeks


Our members have an opportunity to develop their marketing and delivery skills every two weeks. All members participate by introducing their business and services as well as the referrals they are seeking. Two members are the featured presenters every two weeks to spotlight a product or service.

Member Benefits

  1. Exclusive Marketing for your Business Category
  2. Network and Form Relationships with up to 31 Unique Categories
  3. This allows for all members to have an opportunity to be a featured business no less than 3 times a year
  4. Generous Attendance Policy
  5. Every Two Weeks Exchange of Referrals
  6. Exclusive Access to Marketing Materials
  7. Proven Concept to Maximize Member Success
  8. Average Increase in Business from 16% - 25%
  9. Structured Format
  10. New Member One on One Mentoring
  11. Social Media Page
  12. Regional Support Member in Every Group
  13. Members Only Resources

Incentives & Specials

  • A business profile
  • Upload and highlight your company images, logos, website URL, content, products, promotional events and marketing material.
  • Promoting products and services(upload an image of your product or service, enter a description, link to your company website and drive traffic to your business)
  • Event promotion (having a sale? hosting a seminar? Advertise your business events on our official website profile.)
  • Every time you attend breakfast your business is promoted directly to their email, on their page and on social media circles.
  • Member to member discounts
  • Regional advertising

Current Membership Costs


One-off Registration Fee:€100

Annual Membership Fee:€400

Total Payable in Year 1:€500


One-off Registration Fee:€100

Annual Membership Fee:€400

Total Payable in Year 1:€500


One-off Registration Fee:€100

Annual Membership Fee:€400

Total Payable in Year 1:€500


One-off Registration Fee:€100

Annual Membership Fee:€400

Total Payable in Year 1:€500


One-off Registration Fee:£95

Annual Membership Fee:£295

Total Payable in Year 1:£390


One-off Registration Fee:$120

Annual Membership Fee:$480

Total Payable in Year 1:$600

PLEASE NOTE: Prices exclude VAT (UK and all other EU countries) and taxes in other countries. Membership fees exclude cost of each meeting/breakfast (cost dependant on venue)

*Prices include 5% consumption tax in Japan

*To secure your exclusive place at a new club

Just pay the one-off registration fee. Your membership will not start until the day of the first meeting. Annual membership becomes due at the first meeting. As soon as you become a BoB Global member you will be eligible to receive a BoB Global voucher for each person who joins your BoB Global group who you introduce/sponsor.Voucher of 50 EUR